the feels - Q and A: Using Activated Charcoal for Ovarian Cyst?

Q and A: Using Activated Charcoal for Ovarian Cyst?


Hi , I like the information you guys published. I need your advice. I have dermoid ovarian cyst 11cms. I want to really get rid off it with natural treatment.
My naturopathic doctor is helping me with that.
Could you guys please suggest me about charcoal remedies? How effective it Will be?

Thanks.waiting for the reply.


Hi Sameera.

I have had some women have great success in using activated charcoal for ovarian cysts. But as always for medical advice, you need to consult with your professional health care provider.

What others have done is that they put charcoal poultices over their entire abdomen and it is very helpful to put it over the lower back as well, so that it will be pulling from both directions. Also, what has been helpful for these the-feelswomen, is that they mix up one part activated charcoal powder with one part coconut oil, blend well and fill an empty tampon applicator with the charcoal coconut cream. Place in fridge until solid and then insert it vaginally as you would any other cream or tampon. You can do this rectally as well. Ideally you want to apply the poultices every night for a minimum of eight hours. If you are going to apply during the daytime (which is best,) then give your body time to air out for a few hours before apply again and be sure you let your body air out before applying at night. (wear a pad or pantyliner)

Taking the activated charcoal internally, can also be very beneficial, however, please note that if you are on any meds, it will most likely adsorb them, so you need to proceed with caution under your health care provider’s advice. Charcoal does not break the blood, brain barrier, but as it goes from your mouth out to the other end, it can act as and internal poultice, pulling toxins on its way out.

I hope this helped some. Please keep us posted.

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