women - Q and A: Using Activated Charcoal for Kidney Disease, Pain, Infection and more

Q and A: Using Activated Charcoal for Kidney Disease, Pain, Infection and more


Hi, do you have any information/links on using activated charcoal for kidney health, kidney disease, pain in kidney’s, kidney infection & other issues with kidney’s? -David


Hi David.
You can find charcoal testimonies for kidneys on our site charcoalremedies such as this one on kidney disease.
Here is Dr. Clark’s testimony of a patient he had with Diabetes & Kidney Failure.
Here is an interesting testimony on kidney disease (and other ailments) from elderly man who reversed his stage 4 kidney disease and took his GFR (a test to ascertain your kidney function) from 27 (not good) to 42 in a few short months.
Buchu leaf tea is also extremely helpful for kidneys and bladder infections and you can purchase Buchu leaf tea on our website if you like.
Here is a short testimony from Wendy who used activated charcoal for kidney pain

Since young, I have had kidney pain in the morning, abnormal urine analysis, a lot of blood in the urine (can be seen with the eyes), and more.jar-rocks

After being on Activated Charcoal for approx. 3 months, I noticed that there was a lot less blood in my urine and at times, none at all! When seeing my ND, again, a urine analysis was done ~ NO BLOOD! That is the first one that I have ever had in my whole life, since testing, that I have not had blood in my urine!! I teared as well as my ND. “Keep up the AC”, I was told…”keep it up, Wendy!” (because of the volume of blood in my urine I’ve had many tests ~ which made me extremely ill) Found on this page.

Also check out these other blog posts

Hope this helps!
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