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Q & A: How can I tell if a liver poultice is working?

Charcoal question answered.
How can I tell if a liver poultice is working?
I used one on Sunday and Tuesday for between six to eight hours and didn’t notice anything. The mix was half cup water with one and a half tablespoon Charcoal and 1 tablespoon psyllium husk to form a gel. I don’t take any charcoal internally.
How long  and how often does one usually need to perform poultices to cleans the liver?
Hi Crystal.
Outside of feeling better,  there is no way to gauge unless you had a way to test chemicals and toxins that were adsorbed by the charcoal.
When someone is really toxic and the poultice has been left on overnight, the first few times that you remove the poultice/patch there may be a very foul smell. This indicates that the charcoal’s surface area has been saturated as charcoal will actually adsorb the foul smell but once its surface area has been spent, it cannot.  Most people will not experience this, however, we know of several cases where this has happened and it is in our book, Charcoal where the author himself was instructed by the doctor he was working for, to put a charcoal poultice over a patient’s kidneys one evening and when he took it off the patient in the morning, there was a dark orange/yellow ring around the edges of the poultice and poultice stank of foul smelling urine.
I personally would not have used so much psyllium husk, it makes for a very dry poultice.  The purpose of adding another medium such as psyllium husk or ground flax seed is to keep the charcoal moist, for when it is moist it charcoal more drawing power.  Some just use charcoal and a quality oil of their choice such as organic olive or coconut oil.
Here is a link to two different kind of poultices here.
scroll down to the second and third video and they will show you the two different types of poultices. When making the charcoal patch with the psyllium seed husk, I strongly recommend that you follow the measurements exactly until you have it down and can tweak it to your preference.
I would like to hear your results if you have time.
Kind regards, Kimberly
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