Video: Activated Charcoal to make Gripe Water Natural Colic Remedy

Gripe Water, A Natural Colic Remedy Kimberly, with, explains how to make Gripe Water with activated charcoal powder and water for a simple natural remedy for baby colic. You can also buy Colic Calm Gripe Water & the NUMIMED dispenser on our website This recipe is made using  Detox 1600 coconut shell activated charcoal powder, because it is fine & not at all gritty.For more videos from click here Buy Activated charcoal powder on Amazon: (affiliate) Detox 1600 coconut shell activated charcoal powder And make sure to check out our and And on social media also: Facebook @buyactivatedcharcoalcom Instagram @buyactivatedcharcoalTwitter @charcoalremedyPinterest  Learn other ways to use activated charcoal by searching the blog 

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