Tooth Extraction Causes Infection from Tearing of Sinus Tube

Which Charcoal Powder Should I Use For A Gum Infection, Caused From The Tearing of A Sinus Tube?

Hannah asks:

For an infection on the face, that stems from an extracted tooth tearing a sinus tube, would you use the Topical First Aid Hardwood charcoal or the Beauty Bamboo charcoal powder? I want to use it on my face and the inside of my mouth.

Which one is best for my needs?  What about the Detox & Cleanse Activated Charcoal Powder? Can I use that?  Is it strong enough to be used topically for drawing out toxins and impurities from deep tissue? Also, with the Detox & Cleanse, do I use the ground flax seed as a binder in the mouth, just as I would on the skin?

Kimberly Responds to Hannah:

If you are using the activated charcoal powder inside your mouth as well as on your face, you could use the Detox and Cleanse or the Bamboo powder.  Please keep in mind, the Detox and Cleanse has a much higher surface area than the bamboo, meaning that it can adsorb a lot more toxins.

Inside the mouth, the ground flax seed, mixed with water to create a charcoal gel, might be a little too thick and uncomfortable in the mouth. Instead, you could mix the activated charcoal powder with coconut oil instead and oil pull, please click here for a recipe for oil pulling with charcoal and coconut oil.

For me personally, I have a nightly routine as follows: I mix two tablespoons of the  Detox & Cleanse with a 1/4 cup of water to form a mud-like consistency and swish (and swallow!) and leave the charcoal residue on my gums and teeth all night long with surprising results!  My dentist was totally amazed when viewing my full mouth x-ray, that even though I had several root canals, I did NOT have any infections in my gums whatsoever. I could tell he was wondering how this could be and of course I enjoyed the opportunity to share my little charcoal remedy!  Proof is in my x-rays below.  🙂

xray image 1 1024x501 - Which Charcoal Powder Should I Use For A Gum Infection, Caused From The Tearing of A Sinus Tube?

Editorial Note: Since speaking to Hannah, I have continued the process of swish and swallow, but since then, I have found a nifty and comfortable ‘Mouth Tape’ that keeps my lips sealed while I sleep. No more charcoal on my pillow cases!  For more on Gum Infections, click here.

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