Dog Barney, Pseudomonas & Super Natural Charcoal

Barney, Pseudomonas & Super Natural Charcoal

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Barney, a large country dog had been trespassing his neighbor’s property and got his ear shot off in the process, thankfully, the bullet missed his brain.

His owners rushed him to the local vet, where Dr. Regina patched him up and sent him home, but his troubles had only begun.

From the head wound to his hind quarters he broke out in Pseudomonas, much like a serious staph infection.

His head wound was now a gross bloody bulge and the raging Pseudomonas manifested itself as puss wounds that had spread the whole length of his body.
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The once vibrant, young and healthy 150 lb dog was now down to 100, and fast losing ground. A culture was sent to a veterinarian university clinic and their only suggestion was to put him down, nothing could be done.

There was only one human drug that could possibly be prescribed for him they said, but because the infection was so advanced, it would not even touch it, nor be worth even trying.

Dr. Regina however, was not going to give up so easily. Being not only our veterinarian, but also our neighbor, we had talked at length one morning when she saw John and I out for our morning walk and shared Barney’s condition with us and of course asked our thoughts about using charcoal on him. Dr. Regina, up to this point, had seen some amazing results with charcoal, from horses recovering quickly from rattler bites to applying our charcoal drawing cream after she sutured an animal as the surgical wound would heal so much quicker with the charcoal.
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Barney was admittedly though, in a very bad way and she was doubtful that charcoal could pull him through, however, there were no other options other than putting him down, which of course was not an option for his owners, who wanted to do all they could to save their beloved friend.

Thinking fast, Dr. Regina had the dog put into her name after the owners agreed to experiment with activated charcoal. Regina did not hold out much hope, the dog was clearly dying, but did say in passing, that if this worked, she was going to tell everybody about activated charcoal.

One morning, after Regina’s office called us, Devon our office manager and I headed to the clinic with lots of Vet Detox, aloe vera gel and olive oil in hand. The vet assistant Vicki was already shaving Barney, and a vet tech was mixing up a large amount of charcoal gel when we arrived.

We had already determined that the gel would be applied directly to the body, as the charcoal needed to make as much impact on the infection as possible and also, having him shaved, we could easily see the festering blisters and know exactly what we were working with. They had put Barney under, as he was in so much pain from the infection that he could not be trusted to not bite, and this would allow them to work more quickly and thoroughly.

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As you can see in the pictures, Vicki, literally covered him from his head to his hind legs. They used over two gallons of VET DETOX powder, mixed with Aloe Vera Gel and also olive oil. The reason for the oil is to keep the charcoal and aloe vera gel from drying out, for when charcoal is moist, it has more drawing powder and plus, with the open wounds, we did not want it to dry and stick to the skin. Of course, when possible, always use a healthy oil such as olive, coconut, avocado, etc., and not cheap cooking vegetable oils.

The charcoal gel was applied thick and once one side was done, they flipped him to do the other. They kept him in a warm cell and now it was going to be a waiting game, was he going to make it even through the night?

Yes! Barney not only made it through the night, but he also woke up hungry and ate breakfast!

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All were hopeful, but he was not out of the woods yet. They would need to keep applying the charcoal gel daily until he fully recovered. At times he would appear that he was on the mend, and then he would have break outs of hot spots, but these they took care of by applying the charcoal gel and in time, Barney had a full recovery and is now home with his human family.

It is important to note that when treating any kind of wound or topical malady, to cover more than just the affected area. Let’s say you have a quarter size growth under your skin, and you want to apply a charcoal poultice or gel. Cover at least a two inch plus radius, preferable three inches, when treating it. Wounds and infections like to spread and by applying the charcoal gel or poultice well beyond the affected area, this will help prevent further spreading. Also, patience is key. In serious conditions, such as Pseudomonas, it is important to keep applying the charcoal daily, even though it looks like it has cleared up and the body is on the mend. Whatever the serious condition, it is wise to keep applying the charcoal poultice or gel for a couple of weeks after the wound or infection has cleared up, just to make sure the infection is totally gone. The key here is: longer applications, the better.

Enjoy The Super Natural Power of Activated Charcoal in these included pictures and please feel free to share your stories with us as well, for you just never know who you may help in doing so.

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