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Grams of Charcoal in Pet gift Pack?


I just purchased the pet gift pack which has the biscuits, tablets and Vet Dtox. I had seen on the back label of the the Vet DTox that 1 tablespoon is 10 grams but I need to know about the tablets that are in the blister packs, how many grams is in each tablet please?


Also how much is in one biscuit? My Maltese has gas trapped in his abdomen and has had it for a year, so the vet thought to try charcoal at 5 grams because he weighs 15 pounds, so that is why we are trying to to. Thank you


Hello. The tablets have 260 mg per tablet. There is 1000 mg per gram, so to make one gram it would take a little less than four tablets. We have never been asked how many grams per biscuit however! Being that the biscuits are varied sizes, our baker’s educated guess is about 1 tsp of Vet Dtox for the larger biscuits to about a 1/2 tsp for the smallest ones.

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