Activated Charcoal to Treat Sours

Using Activated Charcoal For Scours

Activated Charcoal For Scours
(Treating Scours Naturally With Activated Charcoal)

Big or little, furry with huge brown eyes or soft supple flesh with bright blue calf scours 300x267 - Using Activated Charcoal For Scourseyes, babies are babies and need special care especially when sick. Upset tummies in infants to toddlers, is known as colic and in calves and other livestock, we call it scours. Whatever you call it, dehydrating diarrhea, shooting pain in the stomach can wreak havoc on the calf or infant and demands quick action or the situation will go from worse to worse. Cattle owners know full well that scours can kill if it is not treated quickly on a new calf.

Activated charcoal’s claim to fame is found primarily in how quickly it works in adsorbing toxins, poisons, bacteria, viruses, and parasitic cysts which can embed themselves deep into the stomach lining. It has saved many lives in emergency rooms across the world, from drug overdoses to violent food poisoning. Amazing and FAST relief can be found in activated charcoal which can stop diarrhea, vomiting, and painful gas in a very short time, stopping further dehydration and allowing the calf to gain strength from its mother’s nourishing milk.

Treating calves with VetDtox™, an activated charcoal powder with a high VetDtox Group2 300x189 - Using Activated Charcoal For Scoursadsorption rate is ideal for livestock and we believe no rancher or cattle, horse, or other livestock owners should be without it.

The VetDtox™ is a powder and can be added to water (electrolyte water is OK) or to feed. We do not recommend that it be put into milk as the proteins in the milk block the pores of the activated charcoal powder and cause the charcoal to not be as adsorbent. You can give VetDtox™ to calves as soon as they are born and most likely they will have little to no symptoms of scours or you can administer to a calf with full-blown scours.

VetDtox Cows Scours 1 261x300 - Using Activated Charcoal For ScoursThe approximate dosage of VetDtox™ Activated Charcoal Powder: 1 Tablespoon per 30 lbs of body weight. Just remember, as a rule, you can give too little of the activated charcoal so that it is of little to no effect, but you really cannot give too much.

Once a rancher realizes how effective the Vet Detox works on scours by quickly adsorbing the toxins and poisons in the stomach, invariably they will ask the question, “I wonder if the VetDtox™ will work with for a brown recluse or snake bites or open wounds?

Good question!!! See this link for a terrific open wound on this horse’s neck where VetDtox™ did what antibiotics could not. Caution, viewer discretion advised– graphic pictures of open wounds.



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