Activated charcoal for thinning hair 2 - Does activated charcoal help thinning hair?

Does activated charcoal help thinning hair?

Thinning hair and activated charcoal.

Q: I am 82 years old and my hair is getting so “thin” I have never had thick hair however it is getting increasingly thinner and I am wondering if activated charcoal could offer any help for this condition?

A: Hi Virginia.

Off the cuff, I would say that I have not heard of charcoal used for ‘hair thickening.’  However, it doesn’t mean that it might not help, let me ask a few questions and then I will explain further.

Do you, or have you dyed your hair?  What is your diet like, are you eating healthfully? Are you getting plenty of exercise and pure water?  Do you take the flu shots?  Any other vaccines?  Do you take over the counter or prescriptions medications? Have you had chemo or radiation?

All of these factors plus more will affect your health obviously, including your hair growth.  For instance, putting toxic dyes on your hair and scalp could easily cause hair loss for some and to this, I would heartily say, yes, putting charcoal on your scalp each night and taking it internally if you can, would be very helpful.

I have a recent example of this in Cheree, the woman that runs the back office of our blog. Cheree had chemo seven years ago, and is recovering from cancer.  The chemo left her with with a very thin spot of hair on her head. Cheree has been taking charcoal baths the last couple of years with amazing success, in fact, she told me that when she skips a day or two, she starts to feel edgy and not well, but as soon as she is back in the baths, she perks right up.

Just recently Cheree started soaking her head in the charcoal bath water and lo and behold, the thin spot  of hair on her head has started to fill in!  The activated charcoal obviously helped with the thinning hair.  However, Cheree knows why the hair was thin in that spot, it was from the chemo.  That is why I am asking you all these questions, I just cannot say definitively charcoal will or will not work. If there is toxins involved that is causing inflammation or some other negative reaction in your body, there is a very good chance that charcoal will help.  Remember, charcoal’s claim to fame is that it adsorbs toxins and poisons.  Charcoal in and of itself heals nothing. Yes, you heard that right, charcoal heals nothing. Activated charcoal adsorbs the toxins and poisons whether taken internally, used topically or both and then the body, which is fearfully and wonderfully made, heals itself as our Creator so designed it to.

In this present age we seem to be living in a toxic cesspool.  We must do all we can to protect ourselves, such as healthful eating and drinking, however, there are unfortunately areas that we have no control and we just have to do the best we can. That is why I personally, take the Detox 1600 on a daily basis, even though I have no health issues, I do it to counteract what I may have ingested, absorbed (through my skin) or breathed into my lungs.

I hope this helped, please let me know if this answered your question or not.

Warmly, Kimberly

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