Detox 1600 idea - Add Detox 1600 Charcoal to your morning routine

Add Detox 1600 Charcoal to your morning routine

Take your morning routine to the next level, and add our Detox 1600 activated charcoal powder.
Start the day off right with Charcoal.

First, how can you make your morning juice even better? You add our Detox 1600 Activated charcoal powder.
Simple and easy to do, just add a spoonful to your fresh juice or smoothies and stir, enjoy the benefits of activated charcoal, and start the day off right.
Furthermore you can add Activated charcoal to your routine any time of the day.

Check out the slideshow below,  for tips on adding charcoal powder to fresh juice.


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Detox 1600: USP, very high activity medicinal COCONUT shell charcoal powder. Specifically developed to be taken internally for the treatment of poisoning, drug overdose, food poisoning, severe diarrhea and vomiting.

Check out other ways to use Activated charcoal powder, using it in your everyday life, read more of our blog post here on

You can buy Detox 1600 Charcoal powder from us, on our Website and also on Amazon 




About Charcoal Times

While John and I lived in Nova Scotia, Canada, he wrote the book Charcoal The Complete Handbook Of Medicinal Charcoal. We had no idea how the book would change our lives. We now have a business dedicated to activated charcoal, for health, water, air, gardens, farms, pets and livestock. The purpose of this blog is share the amazing and numerous uses of activated charcoal. We dedicate this blog to all our wonderful and courageous customers, that were willing to try the 'black sheep' of natural remedies, and share their amazing charcoal testimonies and stories with us, that soon you will be able to enjoy and be encourage. Kimberly & John Dinsley

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