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Toxins: Does Charcoal remove toxins at cellular level?

Activated Charcoal question on removing toxins.

Cellular Toxins Question:
Does Activated Charcoal take toxins at cellular levels, ie from all the systems and not just inside the digestive system? thank you

Good question, of which the answer is yes!

Activated charcoal is simply amazing. When applied topically, such as with a poultice, or as a gel, or cream where you apply it directly to the skin, activated charcoal can adsorb toxins from deep tissue.

In our most recent newsletter we share the story with pictures of a horse that had been bitten by a brown recluse spider. The wound did not respond to the antibiotics and was getting so bad you could see far into the horses neck, see story here.

It clearly shows how the charcoal gel was able to draw the toxins from deep tissue and thus, the horse started to quickly recover.

That of course is just one example of what charcoal can do, but there are many.

A young woman that had Pars Planitus, Ocular Inflammatory Disorder, also used charcoal topically with amazing results, see story here.

I cannot encourage you enough to read the book, The Complete Handbook Of Medicinal Charcoal. You will be completely amazed at what charcoal can do topically and……that is just the beginning! 1f642 - Toxins: Does Charcoal remove toxins at cellular level?🙂

If you have further questions, please let me know, I will be happy to help if I can.  🙂
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