fall tree - Q and A: What's the difference with your Bamboo Activated Charcoal to your Coconut Activated Charcoal?

Q and A: What’s the difference with your Bamboo Activated Charcoal to your Coconut Activated Charcoal?


Hi there! I’ve seen the list of your BAMBOO Activated Charcoal POWDER I just wanna ask if how many grams does your sample is? Also I just want to ask what’s the difference with your bamboo activated charcoal to your coconut activated charcoal ultra fine. And is there a sample for coconut charcoal ultra fine? How many grams is it? – April


The samples come in a half pint jar, and they very in ounces, per the weight of the activated charcoal.  The bamboo charcoal powder is 3 ounces which is 85.04 grams.
The coconut shell activated charcoal powder is also 3 ounces which is the same amount of grams.
What is the difference? What is your application and maybe I could help you sort it out from there as to which activated charcoal would be best suited for your purposes.
For more info on the types of charcoal go to our FAQ page and see question What is the difference between hardwood, coconut, bamboo, or coal?
You can follow the highlighted links above to purchase a sample. Feel free to call us and we would be happy to assist you over the phone.  🙂  888-264-5568


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