mountains - Q & A: Using Activated Charcoal for Age Spots

Q & A: Using Activated Charcoal for Age Spots

Using Activated Charcoal for Age Spots

Q: Do you have information regarding brown (age) spots on the face? Please advise – Donna

A: Hi Donna,

I have personally used our charcoal soap and taken the charcoal powder for years and it has pretty well wiped out my brown spots.
In my early forties I started getting all kinds of brown spots all over my face. They blended into each other and looked like two huge spots on my cheeks.Neni on Loversleap.3
When I started using the charcoal soap ten years ago I started to see them fade, it was amazing. It did not happen overnight but over a period of a few months. However, when I started to take the charcoal powder internally that is when things started to really happen.  Not only did most of my spots disappear (I still have one stubborn one that has reduced in size and has faded greatly by my right eye) but so did my IBS and candida that I had lived with from childhood from the heavy doses of antibiotics because of constant strep throat which is another story altogether.  Amazingly, now ten years later, people comment on my nice skin and I do not wear a bit of makeup. I just smile inwardly as I struggled with difficult skin for years, since my early twenties when under a lot of stress I had break outs of adult acne on my cheeks that used to pulsate and ache.
Age spots are often associated with an over toxic liver of which activated charcoal can be very helpful in detoxing.  You can take the charcoal powder internally and also apply topically over the liver.  See these videos on how to make a charcoal poultice and charcoal patch.
The one that I personally take internally is the Detox 1600 activated charcoal powder  and the one that I use mostly for poultices and patches is the hardwood activated charcoal powder, (the hardwood can also be taken internally).
To go after the age spots even more, you can make a charcoal gel using the charcoal poultice recipe which I have posted below and is demonstrated in the video and apply the gel to your face and leave on for a minimum of twenty minutes and then wash off. I was in Michigan this past May, putting on health programs with John and met a lovely young black mother of whom I had to comment on her very beautiful skin. She started laughing and said that just a few months ago her face was covered with adult acne but since she started doing the charcoal face masks as mentioned above, not only has her acne disappeared but her skin is so bright and vibrant, so much so that people are commenting on her lovely skin!  🙂
Charcoal Jelly Poultice Recipe
2 Tablespoons of charcoal powder
¼  cup of water
2 Tablespoons of ground flax seed*
Paper Towel / Cloth
Plastic / Food Wrap

Bandage wrap or strips of cloth and safety pin
Add charcoal to water and mix. Add 2 Tablespoons of ground flax seed.  Gradually add remaining flax seed until you get a nice gooey consistency.  You want it moist, like a wet glue, but not watery and not stiff.
Take a 12 x 12 inch paper towel and lay flat on the counter. If your charcoal mixture is the correct consistency, you should be able to pour the mixture out and then scrape out the rest.
Spread in the middle of the paper towel about a three inch swath, leaving at least an inch on both sides.
Fold the north side down, then east and west and then the south, so as to make a bandage/poultice.
Place the poultice with only one layer of paper onto the needed area. Now cover the poultice with plastic cut from a bread or shopping bag, or a food wrap. The plastic should just cover the poultice on each side by an inch. This will help keep the charcoal poultice moist and also from leaking out.
You can now cover with cloth that you have cut in a long strip and safety pin it to stay on, or you can use a bandage wrap such as you would use to wrap a sprain.  This works very well and is something that you can easily go out in the public with.
Change the poultice at least every eight hours.
* Besides helping to keep the charcoal poultice moist giving it more drawing power, flax seed also has its own healing benefits.

Kind regards, Kimberly

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