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Charcoal for Abscess – Real Stories – Uses

Real Stories

Dear John and Kimberly,

I have been using charcoal for my family for years.  I have your book and refer to it often.  I refer others to your website.  Charcoal has been such a blessing to my family!  I thought I would share a story of healing with it from this week.

I am almost 50 and have always had good dental health.  But last week I had my first tooth abscess.  I used a charcoal poultice overnight on the abscess and also for several hours each day.  It has been one week and it looks to be completely healed!  I did also take turmeric and vitamin C internally as a natural antibiotic, but forgot to do that after the first few days.  I think the charcoal would have been enough.  How wonderful to be spared antibiotics or a root canal. (referral links above)teeth 150x150 - Charcoal for Abscess - Real Stories - Uses

I used a mix of 1/2 charcoal powder and 1/2 flax seed.  I put 1/3 or so teaspoon into an empty tea bag and folded it up and laid it over the abscess.  I used a new poultice for each night and for each 3 hour application during the day.

I am so grateful for your work and teaching.  My family uses charcoal every week, if not every day, for something!

God bless you all!

Mrs. Ryan



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