dog nose - Question: Charcoal for dog with itchy skin

Question: Charcoal for dog with itchy skin

Charcoal question answered.

Q: I am new to the benefits of charcoal.  I was reading about your treatment of your dog.  I have a Lab/Chow mix that has repeated itchy skin with the resulting raw skin areas dew to chewing.  I have taken her to the Vet and we have tried everything.(antibiotics, steroids, anti- fungal, medicated shampoos).  After all that, she still has the yeast infection.(that’s what they say it is)  I am desperate.  If I give her some charcoal in her food or water, could it help her to finally heal?  Any other suggestions? Thanks Bonny

A: Hello Bonny

Thank  you for contacting us.

Actually activated charcoal is sometimes used in hospitals to control itching. So it would make good sense to give activated charcoal a try. I would Vet-Dtox-qt-10oz-NEWrecommend the Vet Dtox powder. Dosages are on the bottle. While you should give it to her internally I would also give her a bath in charcoal water or charcoal shampoo. You can mix the charcoal powder in with her drinking water or some wet dog food. You need to keep this up for a time. You should see improvement within hours/days but even so continue on the course for at least another week. It could be her liver or kidneys are not detoxing well and something has built up to cause her itching. Please take some pictures if you give her a charcoal bath. Let us know after 3-4 weeks how the charcoal worked.

I have copied this email to Kimberly who may have some other suggestions.


John Dinsley




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