feet 1060x444 - Question on using charcoal powder in foot soak for Gout

Question on using charcoal powder in foot soak for Gout

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Q: Hi

I bought my dad your activated charcoal powder to help him soak his foot in a basin for gout.
However, he said there were no directions/measurements for use on the container.
Can you tell me the proportions of powder to water?gout - Question on using charcoal powder in foot soak for Gout
I know it would have been better to make the poultice but he is 90 yrs old and I am glad that he is even soaking his foot.
thank you for you help


Hi Molly.  Many people have had great success in treating their gout soaking their feet in warm charcoal water and below is a guideline for how they have done so.
For foot soaking:
Two tablespoons per basin is usually sufficient in warm water.  (You can always add more activated charcoal powder if it is really severe or you are using a large bucket.)
The easiest way to mix the charcoal in the basin is to first get a small clean jar, such as a jelly size jar and fill it a 1/3 to 1/2 way full with warm water. Then add your charcoal powder, cap tightly and shake vigorously until well blended. Loosen the cap carefully and add to your filled basin.
Because charcoal can be messy, be sure to place the basin on top of an old towel. Soak for at least twenty minutes, preferably 40 or more.
Please keep us posted on your father’s results!  Kind regards, Kimberly
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