baby baby - Can Activated Charcoal be added to Baby Formula?

Can Activated Charcoal be added to Baby Formula?

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Q: Hi, I had spoke to someone from your company about my sisters adopted meth baby. I wanted to know exactly how much she should put in the formula? And how often? I think the lady told me over the phone but I wanted to be sure. Also you suggested detox 1600 …so that’s ok to put in the formula for the baby? Sorry I’m asking again, I appreciate your help!
Thank you, Sharon


A: Hi Sharon.
Mixing the Detox with the baby’s formula is not a good idea, it is better to supplement with water.
It is hard to say how much. As we mentioned on the phone, we are not doctors so we cannot ‘prescribe,’ how much to use. Always consult your baby’s doctor when introducing something
For a general detox, especially on such a tiny body, it would be wise to start small such as a 1/4 of a teaspoon that has been mixed very well with warm water, the temperature that a baby can take.  Do not mix the charcoal and water in the same bottle as you are going to give the baby, but instead in a small jar that you can cap and vigorously shake.  canACbeaddedtobabyformula - Can Activated Charcoal be added to Baby Formula?Charcoal is not soluble which means it does not dissolve and mix with the water instead it is suspended.  Therefore, shake it well then pour into the bottle and give the little one. The reason for not doing it in the same bottle is so that the charcoal does not clogged the nipple nor can the little one get some charcoal that has not been diluted with water. Never take charcoal powder without adding liquid first, preferably water.
I also mentioned the charcoal poultices, you may be surprised how well they work and may help the little one sleep well.  Here is the link to the charcoal poultices and patch.
Note that charcoal can be constipating, so watch the little one carefully, you might even want to start with an eighth of a teaspoon.
I hope this helped. Kind regards, Kimberly
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