computer 1060x444 - Glaucoma, Pink Eye, Sore Computer Eyes and Charcoal

Glaucoma, Pink Eye, Sore Computer Eyes and Charcoal

Glaucoma, Pink Eye, Sore Computer Eyes
Activated Charcoal

Eyes: Recently a woman who called us to place another order of hardwood charcoal powder shared her testimony of how the poultices have helped her early stages of glaucoma.

She is a fashion designer and seamstress all of which strains her eyes. She was obviously very concerned when her doctor told her that the eye pressure on her eyes, measuring at 22, was too high.  So she consulted with a friend who is a naturopathic doctor, and he recommended that she apply a charcoal poultice to her eyes for one hour, three times a week.

She said that she likes to do the poultices in the morning, for two hours before she gets up and gets her day going. She was applying longer and more often then the doctor had suggested, which was wise.

In her own words she said and wrote to us saying:

“to my amazement, it worked like a miracle in reducing the pressure in my eyes [from 22 to 12 at her next doctor’s visit!] I would highly recommend this simple, natural solution to anyone who might be looking for similar relief.”   J in NH

Amazing eh?

Charcoal for my eyes too.

Kimberly says: I do a lot of charcoal poultices on my eyes.  I work on the computer all day long and my eyes are get sore and weary.   First I start with very warm water to make the poultice as it feels so good when I put it on. I do my poultices at night when I go to bed and leave on for at least a two to three hours.  In about ten or fifteen minutes my eyes start to relax and it is so soothing it helps me fall asleep quickly.

Whites of eyes get whiter

One of the many side benefits of charcoal poultices for the eyes if used for a prolonged period of time, is that the whites of your eyes will get whiter. Seriously. 🙂

Pink eye

So, what about pink eye? Charcoal of course!  Below is a story that was taken from the book Charcoal where the eyes went from pink to white in very little time:

When Jeff and Bobbi moved to Papua New Guinea they settled into a village of about one thousand people. Pink eye was so prevalent that each family had one or two members who suffered with it. It is very contagious. Over the phone, Bobbi told me that she developed pink eye not long after arriving there. “People were so friendly and eager to shake our hands and hug us…”

“Shortly after we got set up, Ulato, a mother of two, came to us with a quilt over her face. Her eyes were so sensitive to light she couldn’t stand to have them uncovered. We gave her the charcoal water* to take, and by the fourth day her eyes were clear. She had been in so much pain.CH logo blue background - Glaucoma, Pink Eye, Sore Computer Eyes and Charcoal

“Gege was a young mother of three boys. The middle son had pink eye so bad that his eye was swollen shut. She told us the charcoal was not working. It seems that she was just dabbing a cloth in the charcoal water* then dabbing the corner of the eyes. But after we explained to her just to pour the mixture and to let it wash over the eye, her son was cured within days. Most of the cases had a discharge from the eyes and the white of the eyes was an angry pink.

“We tried the standard antibiotics but found the charcoal to be ten times as affective. In fact, when we left, the whole village was virtually free of pink eye, and the people only wanted charcoal to treat it.” page 133


*Charcoal water – stir charcoal powder into a container of water, allow the charcoal to settle out, then pour off the gray water into a separate container. Tilt the head and apply the charcoal water at the inside corner of the eye with an eye dropper, and let the water wash over the eye. Repeat procedure twice a day.

Other ideas.

Of course there is always more than one way to something.  We had a mother whose 16 year old son came down with pink eye from school. He decided a ‘better’ way to do the charcoal wash.  What he did was filled up the bath tub, then stirred in a cup of charcoal and then hopped in. He would submerge his head under the water and then open his eyes and yes it worked!  In a few days, it was completely gone when others struggled long with it that did not use activated charcoal.

Back in the 19th century, health reformer E.G. White wrote:

“The more severe inflammation of the eyes will be relieved by a poultice of charcoal, put in a bag and dipped in hot of cold water as will best suit the case. This works like a charm.”


Yours truly and many, many others have found the above statement to be true.  Next blog I will share an amazing story of a young mother with a rare eye disease of which her prominent eye doctor said that she would probably go blind.

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Until the next blog, may you prosper and be in good health!


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