IMG 0092 - This Vet Doesn't Horse Around

This Vet Doesn’t Horse Around

Snake Bite Treatment Method

Dr. Regina of Crawford Companion Animal Clinic in Nebraska doesn’t horse around in regards to treating her patients. When it comes to snake bites she reaches for Charcoal House’s Vet Detox.

Here’s why

Dr. Regina’s own horse was bit by a rattler on his face, as soon as she discovered it she gave him an anti-venom shot and watched him closely.  He was not improving as well as she had hoped so she paid a visit to Charcoal House and picked up some Vet Detox and some Aloe Vera gel* that Kimberly always keeps on hand for such emergencies.

Here’s How

Instead of just applying to the affected area, Dr. Regina covered his entire face.  This is important to do whenever applying charcoal, not only for snake bites but any kind of bite, wound or infection. The reason being is because charcoal can pull toxins from deep tissue, and since the poison or infection wants to spread,  by applying the charcoal gel to a large mass of hide/skin which includes the surrounding area affected by the wound you can easily prevent it from spreading elsewhere.

Notice in the picture that Dr. Regina also gave him the Vet Detox internally by mixing into his favorite feed.  It is important to note that she mixed the charcoal with water first and then added to the feed. You NEVER administer charcoal powder to be consumed without adding it to a liquid or mixing it with wet feed first. Charcoal is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial so by administering it internally it can easily pull toxins and poisons to itself as it works it way through the body, in a sense it is acting as an internal poultice until it is expelled.

The Results

To Dr. Regina’s surprise, her horse started to improve quite quickly and though she felt the anti-venom was doing its job, she was quite convinced that the Vet Detox was even more active. With that being said, she experimented with two other horse patients, and with the owners permission she only administered the Vet Detox topically and bypassed the anti-venom as she had done on her own horses. Amazingly, they both improved without the need of medications. Incredible! Horses, however, are not the only ones that get bites and wounds, her smaller patients also get treated with the Vet Detox for digestive issues and wounds that are not responding well to antibiotics.

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Charcoal Face Mask Used to Counteract Snake Venom
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Charcoal Powder Mixed into Feed to Detox Internally

Where To Get It

If you are in NW Nebraska, stop in at Crawford Companion Animal Clinic and pick up some Vet Detox Powder. They carry it in two sizes along with other charcoal products that Dr. Regina now carries in her medical emergency kit. She also loves our Charcoal Drawing Cream and Charcoal Salve Sticks.  The Drawing Cream is a ready to use charcoal mud  (also can be used as powerful detoxifying facial for people!) and comes in a two and six ounce jar. The Charcoal Salve Sticks comes in three convenient sizes, two of which you can easily carry in your pocket or small bag.  Of course if you are not in NW Nebraska, you can order from our online stores or

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Special Note

*Kimberly recommends Lilly of the Desert with proportions of 1 part Vet Detox to one part Lilly of the Desert or one part Detox to two parts Lilly of the Desert.  You can add a teaspoon or two of coconut oil to keep the gel from drying too quickly….

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