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Q and A: Activated Charcoal Poultice for Floaters in Eyes


Wow thank you for all your Facebook posts, I never thought of putting charcoal poultices on your eyes! Would they also help floaters in the eyes? I just love all the posts that you share! Thank You for sharing them!eye 300x123 - Q and A: Activated Charcoal Poultice for Floaters in Eyes


Hi, glad that you are enjoying the posts, please feel free to share any of your charcoal testimonies! 🙂
This is Kimberly posting back and I personally use the charcoal poultices  or eye pad/masks to get rid of floaters. You have to be diligent in doing the poultices to see results, but when you do it is amazing.  I work on the computer all day long which is quite a strain on my eyes and if I fall off the wagon for a long period and do not use my eye pad or make a charcoal poultice at least three or four times a week, they will eventually come back.  To be the most effective you need to leave the poultice or eye mask on for approximately two hours and if you can leave on overnight all the better. I do my best to leave on overnight, but inevitably I pull the mask off or it falls off while I am sleeping. The more you use it, the better and faster the results, daily is always best.
If those who do not have anything particular going on with their eyes, however, their eyes are computer weary or sore from dust or being over tired, wearing the steamed eye mask or a charcoal poultice for a half hour while sitting in your favorite chair will so relax and refresh your eyes. 🙂
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