eye 1060x444 - Soothing Charcoal Eye Pad Testimonial

Soothing Charcoal Eye Pad Testimonial


Several years ago I purchased a charcoal eye pad from buy activated charcoal. I spoke with Kim and she told me of some amazing testimonies. I just wanted it for the light in the Eye Pad Natural Color 1 - Soothing Charcoal Eye Pad Testimonialmorning. I was presently surprised when I went for my eye exam this fall to find out that I had gone form 2.25 to 1.75. I just need one contact of 1.75 for my left eye and that is all I use now. I also do not have any restrictions on my drivers license. I am very grateful and wanted to share my testimony to help others. I am 56 going on 57 next month and this shouldn’t happen at my age. Thanks to God and activated charcoal for this miracle.

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