grass flowers - Using Activated Carbon Fabric to Wear?

Using Activated Carbon Fabric to Wear?

Using Activated Carbon Fabric & Shipping question…

Carbon Fabric question: I am interested in purchasing charcoal fabrics that can be worn. Could you advise what you have available and what shipping costs are to Australia please? Would also be interested in purchasing some of your products so again was wondering what shipping costs would be to Australia .Thanks, Christine


Hi Christine.
Our charcoal fabrics can be used in clothing, but they cannot be used as the Carbon fabricoutside cloth.  The cloth is activated charcoal and it will get charcoal on anything that it comes in contact with.  And the knit is quite delicate and not recommended for most sewing applications. So the charcoal fabric is washable in the sense that you can rinse it with water, but it not as such that you can toss it in a washer with detergent and then dryer.
Perhaps if you explain exactly what you plan on making we can help you further. The best way to use the charcoal fabric is to sandwich it between other fabrics.


As far as the shipping goes, Australia can purchase online so you can figure out shipping at checkout. Or if you prefer, tell us exactly what it is that you would like to purchase and how many, and we can calculate both FED EX and US Post and you can choose whichever one that you want.  For international orders, a lot of times FED EX is less expensive than the US Post. So again contact us & we can figure it out.
I hope I answered you questions, but if not, please let me know.

Kind regards, Kimberly

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