women - Activated Charcoal Testimony: Taking Charcoal for Chemical Reaction

Activated Charcoal Testimony: Taking Charcoal for Chemical Reaction

Mailed to us from Gwen

I had some men spray inside my house [she did not say why, I am assuming this was probably an insecticide] and the first day my eyes were shining like glass and my arms felt strangely soft. I tried drinking a lot of water thinking that it would get out of my system, but I was getting worse, I now had a hardwoodburning in my chest.

I went to the emergency room and they said that I had acid reflux but I told them no, it was a chemical that I had inhaled and it was in my chest. I had three more attacks and so I went to the emergency room four times total. They thought I was crazy. I asked for them to give me charcoal but they would not.

My work sent me home one Sunday, as I was so sick. I shared with this woman what I was going through and she knew a man who had a similar experience with a chemical that he had sprayed his fields with and the doctors would not believe him and so she directed the man to charcoal and it helped.

I went to the health food store but they did not have charcoal but the lady found your site for me and I ordered it right away and I got the charcoal so fast. I thank God that since I have been taking the charcoal powder the burning in my chest has gone away. I know that the activated charcoal helped me and I thank God.

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