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Q & A: Bone Char order UK – Filtering Fluoride



I would like to buy some Bone Char from your website, would you mind answering a few questions first please?
The Bone Char is needed to filter Fluoride from a domestic UK Tap water supply.  What size grain do you recommend, 20×60 or 8×24?  Can I make my own water filter by filling some Muslin cloth with the Char and suspending it in the Tap water, thus purifying the water?Bone-Char-8x24-Family-Picture-500x500
I don’t want to connect any filters to pipes or taps, nothing expensive or complicated, just pour regular Tap water into a container then filter it with the Bone Char.
I hope to place my order with you as soon as possible.
Kind regards.

Hi Tom.

The best size would be the 8×24 and yes you can make your own simple filter with a muslin cloth. I would recommend rinsing the cloth and drying it and then iron it to sterilize it before making a filter pouch.

Kind regards, Kimberly

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