flower dew drops - Q and A: Using the Activated Carbon Cloth as exercise mat to protect from MCS

Q and A: Using the Activated Carbon Cloth as exercise mat to protect from MCS

Activated Carbon Cloth for exercise mat & Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)
I have MCS and, when lying on the floor for exercise classes, I react badly to the stuff they clean the floor with.  I think the activated carbon looks promising.  Could you please confirm that it would be suitable for this purpose and would protect me from fumes from the floor if I lie on it?
I am happy to enclose the sheet in a duvet cover or sheets or something similar.  Would that be enough to protect it?
Would you recommend me to have the single or double weave?
 If I order 2 yards I assume it would be in one piece not in 2 separate yards.
I am in the UK –  do you ship to the UK?
Hi Jackie, yes, I believe it would really help you and I cannot say definitively that two yards would be enough, but it would seem that if the cleaning agents are mostly on the floor and the air is not charged with the smell that it would be enough.
I would recommend the double weave for your application as it has the most activated charcoal and it is very durable and yes, if you order two yards, it will be a full uncut two yards.  The double weave is comparable to a medium weight linen.
Yes, we ship to the UK all the time, in fact you can order directly online. At check out under the drop down menu for ‘STATE/PROVINCE’ choose ‘None,’ it is listed alphabetically.  Then of course under the drop down menu for the ‘COUNTRY’ choose the UK.
If you have any further questions pleas to not hesitate to ask. Kind regards, Kimberly
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  1. Hi, Jackie,

    I’m just a person whom came across this post, as I have MCS as well. Love to hear how this fabric helps you out in your situation. A few things I have found highly beneficial as well…

    Taking AC internally before and after exposure. As well as pure ~ the real ~ peppermint oil with the AC afterwards, clears my mind in seconds/minutes. Also with this fabric, maybe including pure linen (100% flax with it instead of cotton material etc., that most use). As well as wearing 100% linen clothing during work-outs. Why? Charcoal and linen together are incredible! Cotton (and main fabrics worn today) absorb the fragrant synthetic chemicals horribly well, where linen does not.

    Another tip (I hope this be okay to share) I do with laundering after fabrics have been exposed (plain fabrics worn daily) is gently soaking~washing them with a little spirulina. I have never had it stain a fabric yet (test first) and it works!

    Jackie, I honestly do not know what it would be like if I didn’t take AC internally everyday. It truly does adsorb so many toxic chemicals we are bombarded with every day. Honestly, it is truly incredible!!

    Be blessed!,

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