dog - Q and A: 11 year old Staffordshire that has been diagnosed with liver and spleen cancer.

Q and A: 11 year old Staffordshire that has been diagnosed with liver and spleen cancer.



I’m a firm believer in activated charcoal  We just cured our dog of bad diarrhea with Charcoal and I believe any stomach problems can be cured with

My sister in law has an 11 year old staffie.  He has been diagnosed with liver and spleen cancer. She has him on a raw diet and using esiac tea and other herbal remedies but his stool is now runny and bright yellow. He is also reluctant to eat anything.  I know charcoal will help but I’m not sure how to use it or give it to him.  Does he take it internally or should we do a poultice over the liver like you do with humans.  Please can you advise on this.

Thanks. Shelayne


Hi Shelayne.
It would be best if you would give it to him internally and topically.
When my dog was extremely ill of which we believe was severe poisoning and was passing huge, foul smelling clots of blood, I was still able with coaxing to get her to eat some organic wet dog food that I had mixed in a third of a cup of charcoal powder. She is a 28 lb Canadian Mutt . You can give too little charcoal but you really can’t give too much in emergency situations like this.  Be sure to use a wet food that you know he absolutely loves and forget for now about it being healthy, you are using copious amounts of charcoal powder. I always keep something on hand just for such an
You can also put the charcoal powder in his water, is he drinking?
If you cannot get anything down internally, just get the moist poultices on him ASAP and he might start feeling better and be willing to eat something with the charcoal powder.
I actually did this at least two more times that day with the above mentioned poisoning incident as well as the next morning, however, after the first application I never saw anymore blood from her stools and by evening she seemed completely normal.
I would put a poultice over his spleen and liver or better yet over his whole trunk and leave on all night. Do not be surprised when you take it off that it has a foul smell. Let him rest a couple of hours and put another one on for about four to six hours and then off until the evening for the all night application again.  This allows his skin to air out.
Please keep me posted, I would like to know his outcome.


Thank you so much for your reply.  I have sent it on to her and hopefully she will do it.  I just have one more question?  He is on 1 tablet cortisone for now as the holistic vet is slowly weaning him off.  Also she has given him a whole lot of herbal medicine, which includes Esiac tea and milk thistle and other stuff I don’t know. Will the charcoal interfere with the herbal medicine’s efficacy?

I appreciate your reply. It’s not always easy to get people to help others in this world!  Shelayne

Hi.  No, the charcoal will not interfere with herbs only the drugs.  Here is a good link to check out which will hopefully answer you question more fully and others as well by checking out both of our FAQ pages, FAQ on and FAQ on our Website

Kind regards

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