grass flowers - Q and A: Using spent charcoal on your garden or grass

Q and A: Using spent charcoal on your garden or grass

Charcoal question answered.

Q: Hi Kimberly,
I had a quick question on disposal of my used activated charcoal from my air purifier:
Can I use the used granules in my garden or lawn? Would that provide any benefit or would it be a detriment to growth?
I ask because I don’t know if used carbon is good for the garden (as it’s made of good stuff) or bad (because it may outgas all the bad stuff it had adsorbed over it’s use in the air purifier).
Thanks for letting me know!

A:  Hi Alex.

You can for sure put your spent charcoal on your garden or grass, as there is no doubt still some surface area left to adsorb chemicals.Charcoal filter
If there isn’t any surface area left however, it will not harm your soil at all as activated charcoal does not let go (out gas was the term that you were using) of its toxins and poisons until it reaches temps of around 600 Celsius or more.  🙂
Kind regards, Kimberly
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