face mask - Q & A: About Pure Non-Scents Face Masks (MCS)

Q & A: About Pure Non-Scents Face Masks (MCS)

I answered this customer who wrote in with a lot of questions in regard to our face masks.
After you have taken a look at the masks, perhaps you might have some of the same questions as Mike did, so I am posting them here for you.  Hope this helps! Kimberly
Begin Message —
Hi Mike. I answered your questions below in bright pink.  Kind regards, Kimberly

I am interested in your Pure Non-Scents Activated Carbon Cloth Face Masks,
SKU B-7201 and SKU B-7301. But I have a number of questions:PNS-Facemask-glass-head

–Do any carbon fibers or particles flake off of these masks? No

–If the mask gets torn, will carbon fibers come off of it? It would be very difficult to tear it, but if you were to cut it open, there would be a small amount of charcoal fiber for sure

–I won’t be using the mask in a mercury environment. But
I see that the Hg mask has a one-way valve, which I like.
Is there some reason the Ag mask doesn’t have such a
valve? We have gone back and forth on that one. The reason for not putting the valve on it, is because so many folks with MCS would most likely have a problem with the ‘plastic’ valve. We are considering doing a run with half with and have without in the future. 

Facemask.Mercury.500-glass.head–I’m mainly interested in protecting against chemical fumes
and odors such as fragrances, smoke, car exhaust, etc.
So I could probably live without the silver for virus protection.
That leads me to wonder if the Hg mask will protect better
against chemical fumes than the Ag mask.
–Is the Hg mask better for filtering chemical fumes, or are
they the same in that regard? Same in this regard. I used the AG mask while in India for a month and it worked like a charm, I used the same one for the whole month.

–If the Hg mask filters chemical fumes better, can this be
quantified or described in more detail?N/A For example,
does the carbon have more surface area? Carbon adsorbency is the same.

–Other than not having the silver protection, is there any
disadvantage in buying the Hg mask instead of the Ag mask? No.  Our target audience in this one is for those in contact with mercury fumes, however, we do sell it to those that like the valve and because if they were in a compromised situation with mercury fumes, no worry. 

In other words, is the Hg mask not as good in some other
respect that I should consider? They are both excellent, but the Hg+ adsorbs mercury fumes and the AG+ has the added antiviral…..however……just so you know, that activated charcoal is both anti bacterial and anti fungal.

–Is the Hg mask any harder to breathe through? The Hg+ is easier to breath through because of the valve 

–Do both masks have an adjustable nose bridge? Yes.

–Do both masks have the same expected life? Yes.

–Does washing either mask shorten its life? Yes. 

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