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Charcoal for Post C-Section Wound Healing

Another email about using Activated charcoal we want to share with your & John’s responses to the email.

Message: Hi there My mum has your book and now swears by charcoal. I just recently (four weeks ago) had a beautiful baby girl, she was delivered by caesarean section. I seemed to be healing we but on week three I had my plaster removed and my gynaecologists said there was a small spot on my wound that looked like it may be the start of an infection. He told me to apply a topical cream of some sort and said it should be fine because its caught early theres no need for antibiotics. I have been in a fair amount of pain and I am nervous to go back to the gynae should they tell me they need to operate to solve the problem. My mother is urging me to make a charcoal poultice to place over the wound to pull out the infection. I am willing to do this but I would like to know if the poultice will also remove my stitches as the wound was stitched with dissolvable stitches (absorbable sutures). If you can please confirm if its safe (and effective!) to use a poultice on my wound I would be very grateful. Many thanks, Karen (Durban, South Africa)

Hello Karen

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. I am sure you are very happy.

Charcoal poultices do promote wound healing. Will they also tend to dissolve the stitches, I cannot say for sure, but I suspect the healing would proceed faster than the stitches would dissolve. In fact they use charcoal wound dressings in some hospitals for wounds that will not heal with conventional treatment. Here is a link to a page that shows how dramatically they can work.

We hope to have these dressings available in a couple months.

But a charcoal patch using psyllium seed husk powder should work just as well – remove or replace the poultice before it dries out.

May I suggest you take a picture of the spot before applying the poultice and give us a report after a week.


John Dinsley


Dear John Dinsley

Thank you so much for your response. 
Your website was a huge help.
After I had initially sent my email my mum convinced me to just give it a try regardless, which I did. Thankfully I am now feeling much  better so I am unable to take pictures and then do the treatment as I am healed.

God bless  you for the great work and sharing your advice.

Kind regards,


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