head - Breast Cancer that has gone into the brain...

Breast Cancer that has gone into the brain…

Dear Charcoal Times Friends,
Monday morning I received a call from Judy, a woman in California of whom I have talked with several times. She has her own health issues, however, her greatest concern was for her middle age daughter, Sandy, late forty something, who has breast cancer that has gone into the brain.  She has lost her breast, not do to surgery, but the cancer just ate it away.
Her daughter of whom is no longer under conventional treatment for her cancer, is not on any meds, so I shared with Judy how she could Charcoal House Logo (1)administer the charcoal internally and topically to her daughter.  If her daughter were on medication/s, I would have explained how the activated charcoal would no doubt adsorb her medications, and therefore would not be wise to take internally, unless under a physician’s supervision.
Judy bought the book and charcoal for Sandy, who is bed ridden.  Judy emailed me awhile ago thanking me for my time on the phone but wrote that her daughter was not willing to do anymore of the charcoal treatments. I wrote back saying that I understood, that obviously her daughter was simply exhausted and  weary, physically and emotionally as she had tried so many things and had no doubt lost hope and energy in trying one more new ‘natural remedy’.
How surprised I was when Judy called Monday morning and excitedly told me that her daughter is getting better! I have to admit that I thought that she was going to tell me she had passed away, oh me of little faith!  I asked her what she is doing and she said she is using the charcoal!  One of the things that I had shared with Judy, was how this one clinician that used to have a clinic in New Mexico, had his clients take one tsp, five times a day in a 12 oz glass of water, well, Sandy is doing it eight times!*  Of course she is also doing the charcoal poultices as well.
After two days her headaches, no doubt caused by the brain tumors were gone!  The cancer that had eaten away her breast had left a gaping open wound or ‘hole’ as Judy describe it, is now closing up!  Sandy’s muscles have atrophied of course from being bedridden, but she continues to get out of bed and walk around as best as she can, trying to strengthen her legs. She still cannot get in the tub to do the charcoal baths as she is too weak to get out and her mother cannot lift her, but hopefully, that is just down the road.
I asked what made the difference and she said that Sandy had read some charcoal testimonies that gave her hope and a desire to give it a serious try.  I thought that it was very encouraging and perhaps someone out there in the internet world, might be encouraged as well.  We have noticed that it is the folks that persist and use the charcoal aggressively that have the most amazing results.
Let me know if this was an encouragement to you and please pass on to someone who needs this info.
Until I blog again,  Kimberly
* please note that activated charcoal can constipate a person who is not well hydrated and it is advised to start slowly, unless of course someone has just ingested a poison that charcoal is commonly used as an antidote. 
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 head 1024x421 - Breast Cancer that has gone into the brain...


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  1. Incredible! And very encouraging, to increase dosages. Amazing.

    Is there an update on Sandy?

    Be blessed and thank you for sharing:),

  2. how frequent do i need to have poultice on the back and chest? and how long? can i make it as prevention also? thanks

  3. I believe how charcoal activated is effective in our ailments. But this time I am asking if activated charcoal can be applied as poultice on the back of a bedridden stroke patient suffering in pneumonia. Please do respond this inquiry. Thanks

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