Doctor BP 1 - Peggy's New Blood Pressure Meds

Peggy’s New Blood Pressure Meds


Peggy’s story
Peggy our new housekeeper called and said that although she was on her way over to clean, she was feeling so woozy and nauseous, that she was going to turn back and go home.

She had just come from the doctor and he had given her a prescription for high blood pressure that she took right away and it was already starting to have a negative effect on her.

She lamented about the medication, saying she does not really want to be

Peggy's bp meds

taking meds, as she knows that she can control her blood pressure with diet and exercise.

I was so disappointed that she could not make it as we really needed her that day, but of course I said, “no problem.”  And of course I also told her that as soon as she gets home that she needs to take some activated charcoal that she had just purchased and that she should be feeling pretty good in no time and then we hung up.

Now I was lamenting because I was thinking that Peggy is going to go home, take some activated charcoal and in 15 minutes or less, she will be feeling pretty good and we won’t see her for another week….sigh…..

While I am feeling sorry for myself about losing Peggy’s work for that day, she calls me back and says that she is going to try working anyway, since she was so close. She said that she knows I will give her charcoal and she was pretty confident that it would work and if not, then she would just go home if need be.

As soon as she arrived I gave her a big glass of Detox 1600 (two tablespoons) in warm water (works faster) and she downed it all at once.  In about five minutes she said she was already feeling better.

In ten or more minutes she said that she was feeling A LOT better and in about a half hour she said that she felt even better than before she took her prescription medication!

How EASY was that!  We all benefited. Peggy was able to work and make money and we got a wonderfully (and much needed) clean home.

by Kimberly

Peggy’s Story


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