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Newsletter December 2017

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Here we are, almost at the threshold of yet another new year, a time to reflect on our blessings and reconcile with our losses.

Truly we are grateful for you, and we thank our longtime faithful customers and our newest ones as well. Thank you for your loyalty, for choosing us as your source for quality activated charcoal products.

Please know that we so appreciate your testimonies and it is such a joy and privilege to share your happiness in your health victories as well as the times we have prayerfully grieved with your losses as well.

In this newsletter we have included two very different testimonies. The first, a simple testimony from Peggy, a newbie to the world of activated charcoal. Her experience of how fast a simple remedy such as charcoal can work, has encouraged her to do even more natural remedies such as a good healthy diet and daily exercise.

The second testimony involves using charcoal topically on the head, for what else but a brain detox!  Curious?  I hope so, and I also hope you take the time to read the article to the end on how activated charcoal can be used to counteract the effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

Again we thank you for being our customer and sharing in this amazing  journey of activated charcoal, a super natural remedy! You have been such a blessing to us and we hope in turn that in some small way, we have been a blessing and a service to you as well.

With hopeful expectations we look forward to a new year and with brave hearts we face the unknown future because we believe that our Creator is already there and that there is nothing to fear as long as He is our Faithful Guide.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday and a new year of lasting peace and good health.

Kimberly & John Dinsley

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header newsletter - Newsletter - Holiday Gifts Sets - Coupon - Testimonials

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While John and I lived in Nova Scotia, Canada, he wrote the book Charcoal Remedies.com The Complete Handbook Of Medicinal Charcoal. We had no idea how the book would change our lives. We now have a business dedicated to activated charcoal, for health, water, air, gardens, farms, pets and livestock. The purpose of this blog is share the amazing and numerous uses of activated charcoal. We dedicate this blog to all our wonderful and courageous customers, that were willing to try the 'black sheep' of natural remedies, and share their amazing charcoal testimonies and stories with us, that soon you will be able to enjoy and be encourage. Kimberly & John Dinsley