shoulder pain - Charcoal for Pain Relief after Torn Rotator Cuff Surgery?

Charcoal for Pain Relief after Torn Rotator Cuff Surgery?

How to use Charcoal for torn rotator cuff surgery? For pain relief?

Pain relief question: How to use poultice for torn rotator cuff surgery? For pain relief? -Regina

Answer: Charcoal has proved very beneficial for pain, why we are not totally sure, but we think it may be because it is drawing out the toxins that are causing the inflammation, which is causing the pain.

Activated Charcoal works!

It would be best to make a charcoal patch as it would mold nicely over your shoulder, see our video on how to make the charcoal patch here.  What is nice about charcoal patches is that you can make a lot ahead of time and keep them in the freezer. If you are not up to making the patches, this ready made patch would be best for your rotator cuff.charcoal for pain relief

Also, hydrotherapy would be very helpful also. That is where you would apply small hot towels for three minutes, then cold for thirty seconds and repeat with a repetition of five times. When finished, dry and apply a charcoal patch.  We will have a hydrotherapy video available soon.

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