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Detox Fruit with Activated Charcoal – Produce Wash

Produce wash.
Made with activated charcoal powder.

Detox fruit and vegetables: Check out our slideshow showing how we use activated charcoal Powder to Detox raspberries. This detox  can remove round up and other chemicals used on or near produce. Using activated charcoal wash can also help keep produce fresh longer.

And you can use this charcoal wash with any fruits or vegetables.
It is simple and yet effective too.
Check out the slideshow below for how to make  and use this detoxing produce wash.
In the slideshow we use our Hardwood Activated Charcoal Powder for this job.

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Thank you for reading & learning how to detox fruit & vegetables too.

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About Charcoal Times

While John and I lived in Nova Scotia, Canada, he wrote the book Charcoal The Complete Handbook Of Medicinal Charcoal. We had no idea how the book would change our lives. We now have a business dedicated to activated charcoal, for health, water, air, gardens, farms, pets and livestock. The purpose of this blog is share the amazing and numerous uses of activated charcoal. We dedicate this blog to all our wonderful and courageous customers, that were willing to try the 'black sheep' of natural remedies, and share their amazing charcoal testimonies and stories with us, that soon you will be able to enjoy and be encourage. Kimberly & John Dinsley


  1. Our family has only consumed organic or better for over 15 years. We have witness the extreme rapid decline of organic fruits and vegetables, several years back. Some even taste like dryer sheets (what??), tasteless, and toxic.

    My kitchen sink top, holds a jar with strong charcoal water in it. Every batch of veggies or fruit in my sink pan gets soaked in charcoal slurry (*I pour an amount from my jar into pan with water). Organic pineapple often times requires a paste soak on it to rid the chemical smells on them.

    An added note: I as well, take some of this charcoal slurry that is jarred on my sink counter area; in all my dish-wash-water. Hand washing all our dishes, I only wash my dishes with charcoal and baking soda in my water. (my baking soda has the ‘real’ essential oils in it). And I love it!! All my dish-water can be added to a garden etc.:). [I do pre-rinse all my dishes before washing]

    Healthy eating to all,

    *Several times per day I take charcoal water mixture from my jar into my sink pan water for dishes or f/veg. washing. The charcoal does still settle, but I just use the sprayer stream on my faucet head to agitate it in the jar, and it works beautifully. I’ve been doing this for years ~ that way the charcoal dust is not even an issue:) and my charcoal mixture is always handy for use.

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